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Bridal Black Dorothy Daniels

Bridal Black

Dorothy Daniels

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

THE POWERS OF DARKNESS seemed to have marked lovely orphan Nila Parris for their own from the moment of her mothers unexpected death. Penniless, with nowhere to turn, Nila was relieved when Evelyn Dunbar, her mothers sister, offered her a home.At first it was like a wonderful dream, living in a luxurious mansion with an understanding and generous aunt, and then meeting handsome architect Matthew Arneil, who seemed as captivated by Nila as she was by him. Yet the dream soon became a nightmare as Nila discovered what horrifying rites were being carried out on the estate. And when she was chosen as the next initiate, could even Matthews loving support give her the strength to resist the forces which sought to enslave her?